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Executive or Personal Assistant Recruitment Agency Sydney, Melbourne

Are You Seeking an Executive/Personal Assistant Recruitment Agency in Sydney or Melbourne?

Mates Group will help you to find your Personal Assistant (PA). We have many years of experience recruiting executive assistant. A personal assistant has a big role to manage your schedule and make your job easy. A perfect executive assistant is the most valued investment in a company. Realizing this, we, Mates Group provides you the most talented personal assistant.

A company’s head or chief of a department always needs administrative support personnel. Having the right assistant helps you to better time management and be more productive. We have a strong relationship with our dedicated staff and our honourable clients. Hence, we are able to provide you PA within a short time. Selecting a PA can be difficult and time & money consuming. We can make it easy for you. Let’s handle this job. We will take care of it.

The Duties of Executive & Personal Assistant:

According to our research, we see that the duties of PA vary from company to company as administrative jobs are different. The usual job of a personal assistant is managing the schedule and doing administrative jobs. They will handle the screening calls and visitors.

Why Hiring A Personal Assistant Recruitment Agency in Australia?

A personal assistant can be considered as a helper of an organization. Mates Group has especially skilled team to find out the perfect-fit PA or EA for your company. We have many years of experience in this sector. We can measure very well who is fit for which organization. Therefore, we can enlist potential candidates who can successfully do the job.

The Skills We Look For:
  • Computer skills, manage any operating systems to perform administrative tasks.
  • Time management skill, which is the first preferable thing to be an executive assistant.
  • Ensure no human error in the tasks.
  • Handling office confidentiality and sensitive information.
  • Be professional and trustworthy.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Creative in new problem-solving.
  • Workflow planning quality.
  • Ability to judge which is the priority job.
  • When under pressure remain calm and cool.
  • Always concern about the deadlines.
  • Have good presentation skills.

Job Description:

Mates Group can offer an executive assistant with the following skill which has been described below in the full job description. We can provide One to Ten years’ experienced executive assistant. We can arrange staff for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and, NSW.

The key aspects of the role are:
  • Managing the time schedule, organize the meeting, and appointment scheduling.
  • Organize the conference.
  • Keep track of deadlines and tasks.
  • Keep in contact with the office manager.
  • Normal office support.
  • Administration maintenance.
  • Communicate with both company staff and clients.
  • Transport management.