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Technical & Engineering Staff Hire Services

Engineering Recruitment Agency in Sydney and Melbourne

Are You Looking for an Engineering Recruitment Agency in Sydney & Melbourne?

From our very beginning, engineering recruitment has been the base on which we have developed our reputation. We, Mates Group, are one of the best engineering recruitment services provider in Melbourne and Sydney. In addition, we also provide hire services in Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide.

Engineers are like the DNA of a project. Without the DNA, a cell is considered as dead. Without engineers, an organization cannot run. In Australia, there are so many business type companies that depend on engineers. They are seeking experienced and also fresher engineers.

We are an expert recruiter team at all kinds of engineering recruitment such as civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, rail, and so on. Engineering recruitment fields in which we have efficiency include:

  • IT engineers/Computer engineers
  • Civil/Architecture Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Mining engineers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Sales engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineers
  • Facade Engineers
  • Draftspersons/Designers
  • Process/Chemical Engineers
  • Project Managers/Project Engineers
  • Coastal/Maritime Engineers
  • General and Operational Managers
  • Technical Directors
  • Technologist

We have a mastermind consulting team that will talk to you first and understand your need. After that, in a short period of time, they will find the perfect candidates from the qualified talent pool as your need. Our team is highly expert to find the right candidates in a short period of time. Our hiring process is so much scientific and efficient. So, if you urgently need qualified Engineering staff, then please feel free to contact us today! With our widespread database, market knowledge, and quick response assure you of the great result.

Job Description:

We can provide One to Ten years of experienced Engineers for your organization. We can provide a long-time agreement for supplying Engineers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide for your office if you like.

Our recruitment team enlists the candidates looking over the following knowledge and experience:

About the role:

  • Quick Responding to technical inquiries from customers.
  • Responsibility of examination and investigation.
  • Preparing the project design in a short period.
  • Spontaneous participation with the team members.

Skills and experience:

We will offer you employment on some of your proficiency. To be successful in this field you have the following skills:

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in the related field.
  • Demonstrate the project documentation in time.
  • Ability to use computer systems and different kinds of software.
  • Good planning ability.
  • Well knowledge of environmental management issues if you are a construction/civil engineer.
  • Response on what office authority says as the direction of the project.